For Austin City Council District 1

On November 6th, 2018

For those who may not know me. I am a third-generation Austinite whose roots run deep throughout this community.

Today, Austin is experiencing enormous growth. Each day, our city is growing by 100 additional people, making Austin one of the fastest-gentrifying cities in the United States.

In East Austin, this growth has cost our community greatly. Our population of children under 18 years of age, legacy-residents and working families are declining. Our property taxes and anxiety surrounding issues of race and culture are rising. These conflicts are destroying our sense of community in District 1. Our city government must aid District 1 residents with these challenges.

This is why I am running for City Council.

Although Austin remains one of Texas’ safest cities, in 2015, my life changed forever. As I was sleeping, in the bedroom of my East Austin home, I was awaken, in the middle of the night, shot multiple times and forced to literally fight for my life, with an armed intruder. I am grateful that the APD and the Travis County District Attorney’s Office did an effective and professional job bringing my perpetrators to justice.

However, three years later, the APD police response times to reported crime and violent crime itself, continues to rise in Austin. Whether by  the city’s own metric or by an objective community policing metric, the APD is understaffed.

I hold a B.A in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University, in Atlanta, Georgia, a Masters in Public Health from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and I am currently completing my PHD in Educational Leadership from Prairie View University in Prairie View, Texas.

My experiences living, studying and working in three (3) southern, capital cities — Austin, Atlanta and Baton Rouge — make me uniquely prepared to provide innovative insight and solutions. All three cities are facing similar struggles with gentrification, transportation and income inequality.

Let me be clear. This campaign is focused on solutions for District 1 not differences, whether ethnic, class, sexual orientation or party-affiliation. Our campaign will not pit one versus another. Austin needs unity, not division. We welcome everyone. Black. White. Brown. Straight. LGBT. Rich. Poor. These are our neighborhoods, our streets, our lives — Our Austin.

My commitment is to serve all the citizens of District 1 and contribute to its growth and prosperity. I cannot do this without you. I look forward to walking the streets and meeting all the residents of District 1 to hear your concerns.

I ask that you stand with me now, as we stand with each other, to make Austin a city that we are proud to call home, and proud to hand to our children. Thank you for letting me share with you, my story and my motivation for seeking this important office.

District 1 in East Austin

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